My latest book “The Moolah Tree” is published, along with the French version as well, appropriately named “Fuzz & Pluck 3." So they are out there, somewhere. But here are some helpful links, in case you are not sure you want to commit...

Buy it on Amazon:

My publisher’s page for “The Moolah Tree”

Cornélius blog post about the French Version of "The Moolah Tree"

Publishers Weekly Review

Comics Journal Review Review

Formla Bula Festival, Paris

French review at BFMTV

BDGest French preview for “The Moolah Tree.”

RIYL Interview

Comics Journal Interview

I will be participating in the comics festival Formula Bula in Paris, France, September 30 - October 3 2016.

The French version of Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville (Fuzz & Pluck 2) has won an award!,palmares-officiel-2014

Two new Fuzz and Pluck books translated into French were published in 2013 by Cornelius, retitled Fuzz & Pluck 1 and Fuzz & Pluck 2. I love the translations in these books because they captured the language of the original English versions so well. You can find descriptions on the Cornelius website, which must be navigated through: Click on "Bouquins" then "Date" then "2013" then find my name.

There is also a blog post:

I spent the winter of 2013 at la maison des auteurs, part of the CiteBD in Angoulême, France, working on my next book, The Moolah Tree:

French reviews of Fuzz & Pluck 1 & Fuzz & Pluck 2 published by Cornelius:!quot-fuzz-amp-pluck-1-et-2-quot-de-ted-stearn-cornelius

This review has the wrong cover displayed:,95098.php

Interviews on French radio:

In January 2013 I had a signing for Fuzz & Pluck 1 & Fuzz & Pluck 2 and an exhibition of pages at Super Heros in Paris.éros

Here is the Super Heros website:

Latest review of Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville:

Inkstuds Interview - The book:

Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville has been nominated for an Ignatz Award!

Fuzz & Pluck’s adventures continue with The Moolah Tree, which appeared serially in the quarterly anthology MOME.

Look for a 20 page excerpt from Fuzz & Pluck : Splitsville in The Best American Comics 2009.

My interview on inkstuds:

Some new reviews of Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville: